"There's a book inside of everyone"

Robert Herrick

‘The Ironbridge Hoard’ is my first book. It took five years to write. I’m currently working on two projects, which I hope to finish a little more promptly. Jack is the protagonist in all three stories. He is a man for all ages, a man who tries hard to be good but inevitably fails.

I have lived in Ironbridge, Shropshire, for nearly thirty years, though I’m not quite considered to be local! I’m fortunate to live by the River Severn, in one of the oldest house in the area, built in c1760. It was once the telephone exchange. If only the walls could talk. Many of my storylines and dialog emerge during long dog walks through the post-industrial beauty of the Gorge.

 My wife, Sue, and I were married in Queenstown NZ whilst touring with the 2005 British and Irish Lions rugby team. We have six children between us.

 Some of my interests are yoga, canoeing, rugby, cricket, traveling by train, listening to audio books, researching stories, VW vans, Aboriginal culture and many more. I remain master of none.


The Ironbridge Hoard

Discharged from the Army, Jack returns to the claustrophobic confines of the Ironbridge Gorge. He is a railwayman, a fisherman and a gifted storyteller. He is liked by the men of the Bridge and fancied by many of the women.

Jack has played the field since the death of his wife. He believed he was discrete but the Bridge was watching. Jack’s friendship with June, China’s wife, attracted speculation. Knowing looks progressed to malicious gossip when China disappeared.

Jack and Nipper, his Jack Russell cross, discover a hoard Roman coins during a fishing trip with Jack’s best mates Bill and George. From this high point Jack’s simple life begins to unravel, as he is forced to make difficult choices between his lifelong friends, his mysterious lodger, his estranged son, the hoard and the women in his life.

Jack reaches breaking point when China’s body is discovered and the finger of suspicion begins to point in his direction.


John, a discarded executive, meets Joan the aging widow of Jack’s son Tom. They team up as the odd couple to solve the mystery of the Ironbridge Hoard.

Clues & Misc

Broken anchors at the corners of a cast iron ledger at Benthall church.

No sun no time. Inscription and mosaic with lions head at Benthall church

The face in the bridge

Hoard Maps

Future Books



Since childhood Jack has harbored a dream of watching his England cricketing heroes play in all five days of an Ashes test match in Australia. Now in his late forties Jack finds himself with the time and funds to make the trip he dreamed of. His trip does not go to plan. Jack finds himself alone in the outback. The police are searching for him as he has become implicated in the disappearance of a young woman.

A fictional account of the tragic drowning of twenty-eight men, women and children in 1799. The River Severn is only fifty metres, but for fully clothed workers finishing an extra shift the bank and safety is somewhere in the darkness of a winter’s night.



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